Ordinary Love

I fell in love with a shadow
of a Saguaro cactus and its loyal doppelgänger
basking in the Sonoran Desert’s winter sun.  

I fell in love with a yellow school bus
and its collection of little humans on their journey

of learning and Darwinian game of dodgeball, 

a macchiato,
a hot pretzel with mustard,
the bluebird that dances
on the same branch each morning.

I fell in love with the late day parade 
of plumbers and gardeners back from battling

water leaks and browning gardens,

a Labrador’s eyes, 
a cloud shaped like Ireland,
the chilled grapefruit my doctor says will kill me. 

I fell in love with a snow-capped mountain
preening high above the desert, a reminder
to zig when they tell you to zag.

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